is providing
suicide advice to people with Autism

The web site is currently providing forum-based coaching, advice, and detailed instructions about how to commit suicide … TO PEOPLE WITH AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS.  A recent survey of the membership of the site shows that over 16% of respondents identify as neurodivergent, or falling along the Autism spectrum.

In recent years, research has begun to identify a potential significant increased risk of suicide death for those with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  A study conducted in Utah demonstrated this increased risk when analyzing suicide death data gathered between 2013 and 2017.

When dealing with vulnerable populations like this, common sense tells us that extra care and the guidance of trained professionals would be a good idea.  An Internet web site anonymously operated by self-proclaimed “Incels” is exactly the opposite of care and professional guidance.  Especially when the recent site survey shows a significant number of minors on the site, it seems plainly obvious that is playing fast and loose with people already in precarious situations.  How is this OK?

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