Your Donations Help the Cause

Help Fund A Safer Internet

Changing Federal law to create a safer Internet for our children, friends, and family members is a time consuming and costly process. We need your financial support to fuel our mission.

About your donations. Where and how they are used.

Among other uses, Fix The 26, Inc. uses your donations to fund the following functions and activities:

  • Public relations
  • Fund raising
  • Offices and telecommunications services
  • Printing and design work
  • Video services
  • Legal and lobbying assistance
  • Administrative, legal and financial management assistance 

Fix The 26, Inc. is a Texas corporation founded by Kelli Wilson in the summer of 2020. The corporation is managed by a Board of Directors that is responsible for the management of all finances.  The Board is professionally advised by both accounting and legal experts.

Fix The 26, Inc. accepts donations. via PayPal.  Funds are deposited, held in, and disbursed from a business account maintained at a major US bank in Houston, Texas.

Fix The 26, Inc. is organized as a non-profit corporation.  The corporation is currently applying for Federal 501c3 non-profit status.  The website and corporate information will be updated once our application has been reviewed and approved by the IRS.

Fix The 26, Inc. was organized in the Summer of 2020 and has therefore not published financial reports as of yet.  The corporation will publish financial reports at the end of each fiscal year as required by law, and appropriate for a non-profit organization.