Buzzfeed: Incels Are Running An Online Suicide Forum That Was Blamed For A Young Woman’s Death

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The site operators at SanctionedSuicide are self-proclaimed “Incels”, and that’s not good. is operated by a small group of individuals that openly declare themselves “Incels”, hide behind screen names such as “Marquis” and “Serge”, and also operate several Incel related websites such, the Incel Wiki,, and Looksmax. The site operators and admins make no secret of their general anger at the world and direct a fair amount of it directly and unapologetically at women. 

Serge declared on the website that the forums he runs with Marquis are a “trifecta”. 

“First you complain about being an incel, then you try looksmaxing, then you kill yourself”.

Serge subsequently deleted his statement, however it was preserved in screenshots by other members.

If there should be a site on the Internet that provides counseling and advice related to suicide, are these the guys that should be in charge of it?

In 2019 Buzzfeed ran an excellent article looking at the connection between the Incel sub-culture and the site.  Find the article here.

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